Long absences and red pens

I’ve been very quiet here lately, which is slack but also for a good reason: I’ve been working on the edits requested by my agent, and they’ve been, well, let’s just say ‘challenging’.

To give you an idea, here’s what happened when I accidentally looked at the marked up manuscript at 10% zoom:


Eep. That’s a sobering picture.

But wait! That’s nothing! Here’s how it looks now, with those changes accepted and my additional ones marked up:

Post structural edits

If you’re thinking wait but that’s worse, you’ve got a solid point. Can’t fault you there. It isn’t pretty.

I’ve always liked editing. But I have to say, I’m so sick of this book now, I’ve started using sarcastic voices in my head when thinking about the characters. Ugh, go ahead, Jov, moan about something else. Oh, sure, Kalina, you would say that.

I think that might mean it’s nearly done.

Anyway, if all goes to plan, I should be fit for company again in 2 weeks time, so I will be back to writing useless tips and rants for your (possible) entertainment. Until then,since I’ve been offering no new content, here is a puppy to cheer you up.




9 thoughts on “Long absences and red pens

  1. E.Maree says:

    Whew, that looks tough! I know that feeling of hating the manuscript and it’s characters *far* too well — it’s hell, easily the most difficult part of writing for me, but it’ll be worth it when it’s over. Good luck with the final stretch!


  2. Wow, Sam. On that second view…is there any BOOK LEFT? 🙂 Actually…great job. I do NOT relish when I hit THE END on my second one, and start editing. And then, sending it off to the editor and it coming back looking like your second view. Eeep is right.

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