Being edited (and sent out into the big wide world)

My wonderful agent, Julie Crisp, just did a great blog post on the process of editing a client’s MS (mine!) and sending it out on submission. As you may know, she was the commissioning editor for UK Tor in her former life, so she’s likely more editorial than a lot of agents out there, but the article is a great read about editing in general, giving insight into how the process works for the author, the agent and the publishers. You can find it here.

Go read it if you’d like to know what happens after you get an agent, or whether agents get nervous too! Oh, and it includes an extract of my wee project (blurb and the first page) if you’re interested in that. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Being edited (and sent out into the big wide world)

  1. Me says:

    Great first page; it definitely makes me want to read more. Congrats on landing an agent and on all that editing you did. I’m sure it wasn’t easy, but it seems to have paid off. Good luck with the submissions to the editors!


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