Where you can find me this week

The Australian edition of City of Lies has officially been released! You can find it out in the wild in all your favourite bookshops, and possibly also your LEAST favourite bookshops, if there is such a thing, but then you’d have to agree if they’ve stocked my book they can’t be all bad. Thanks so much to friends and readers who’ve been sending me pictures of it in various spots all over the place!

Due to deadlines and other commitments I haven’t actually managed to go in person and stroke any copies of this bad boy. Soon, my pretty. Soon. By the weekend there should be signed copies available at Harry Hartog’s in Woden, Dymocks Belconnen, City and Tuggeranong, and Paperchain in Manuka. Or of course I can sign one for you in person if you come along to the launch next week.

Things on this week

On Friday 3 August at 2.30 I will be on ABC Afternoons with Anna Vidot, that’s ABC local radio 666 at around 2.30.

On Saturday 4 August at 12.30 I will be on a panel at GammaCon with the lovely and talented Leife Shallcross and Craig Cormick, talking about the road to publication, finding writers groups, and doing a general Q&A.

On Sunday 5 August at 11am I will be on Jen Seyderhelm’s Sunday Roast on 2CC

I can promise that I will talk too fast in all of these circumstances so just pretend I’m a podcast turned to 2x speed and giving you twice the blabber for the price of one.

Wish me luck!



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