Upcoming Sams

Have you been hankering for some more Sams in your life? Were you wondering whether you could add some Sams to an upcoming weekend? Do you have a book that would look better with a Sam scribble inside it?* Well you are in luck, my friends! For I will be venturing out into the world on several upcoming occasions so you can remedy your Samlessness with ease.

Conflux (Canberra)

This is a mighty fine time of year in our nation’s underrated capital and you can find me hanging out at the Vibe hotel for the annual Conflux convention from September 29 – Oct 1!

The full program is here and you can find me at the following events:

9.30 Saturday 29 Sep: Hero cliches and how to make or break them, with Ion Newcombe, Leife Shallcross and Louise Pieper

9.30 Sunday 30 Sep: Workshop: Braving the query swamp, with EJ Beaton & Freya Marske, in which we will cover all things to do with querying agents

4.45 Sunday 30 Sep: Gender Equal Societies in Secondary World Fantasy, with EJ Beaton and Rivqa Rafael (chair)

1.30pm Monday 1 Oct: When the dream comes true – what really happens when you get a deal with a big publisher? with Cat Sparks, Leife Shallcross, Craig Cormick, and Claire McKenna


I will also be lurking about drinking too much coffee and very happy to chat anytime! I may be manning the Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild bookshop table at some point if you for some baffling reason are on this website yet do not have a copy of my book, and would like to purchase one. I will have hardbacks, which are trickier to find, if you like your books firmer than average.

Galaxy Books (Sydney)

I will be signing books and doing a Q&A with the lovely Annie from the Read3r’z Re-Vu book group at 11 am Sunday 14 October – details here

Supanova (Adelaide and Brisbane)

Also very excited to say I will be at Supanova Adelaide on 2 – 3 November and Supanova Brisbane on 10 – 11 November with other excellent SFF authors such as Timothy Zahn, Carole Barrowman, Maria Lewis, Lynette Noni, Amanda Bridgeman and Jodi McAlister, as well as media stars like Christina Ricci, Ian Somerhalder, John Barrowman, Dean Cain and Daniel Gillies – full list of guests is here. This will be the first time I do a big crazy thing like Supanova so please come by and say hi!

There may also be another couple of events around later in the year, so I’ll keep you posted.


* Including but not limited to my book. I’ll sign more famous and better authors’ books instead if you like.

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